Friday, 27 April 2012

dreaming of fashion school

Ever dreamed of walking the streets of New York City, confidently in your new Louboutins, Starbucks in hand, through Central Park on your way to meet with only the best designers and stylists in the whole, entire world? Sure you have! 
Perhaps studying at a fashion school, attending fashion shows on your 'days off', then unwinding by the fire with your yorkie terrior in your decked out apartment? 

Dreaming's fun right? 

Of course we all have dreams that seem so un reachable, or people that we envy the lives of, sitting front row at Fashion Week, cough cough, Olivia Palermo, for not only there killer wardrobes, (well maybe) but every aspect of their lives. There are so many people i look up to, from home grown lovelies; Miranda Kerr, Jesinta Campbell and Nikki Phillps, to house hold names world wide such as Nicole Richie and the Kardashian's. They all have individual sparks and they have all worked hard to get where they are today. That is the most inspiring thing for me, to work hard if i want to get somewhere.
I sure am prepared to do that; work hard, of course things aren't going to be handed to me on a platter full of ice cream and strawberries topped with cream chocolate, (i wish!), but that's all part of the journey. 

I'm starting this blog to share and document everyday things, dreams, pictures and thoughts as my journey from small country town in Victoria, Warrnambool, to the big city of Sydney. With dreams of fashion school, blogging, a Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe in mind, i'm so excited to start my journey, who know's where i'll end up or who i'll meet along the way, but that's all part of it, right?

Join me! 

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