Thursday, 31 January 2013


Sass and bide jacket, Michael Kors watch, Balenciaga bracelet, Jerome Dreyfuss bag, Christian Louboutins, Acne Shirt.

These are some of my top picks from Shop Style at the moment. I am dying over this rose gold watch, I think it's definitely next on my list. LOVE. 
If you haven't checked out Shop Style yet, i suggest you do so. It is a collaborative website that combines international and australian designers into one place. All thanks to Popsugar. Genius!

Thank me later. 


  1. I absolutely ADORE your blog! I've only just started mine a week ago and I feel kind of silly ha
    What inspires your posts? Where do you get your ideas?

    1. Hi Shannon,
      thanks so much I really appreciate it. Congrats on starting your own blog, how exciting.
      My blog is definitely a reflection of me and my own taste in style and fashion. I love posting pictures
      about my favourite style icons, random pictures that are inspiring me at the current moment and things
      I find interesting in the fashion industry.
      My ideas come from everywhere.. I love shopping (who doesn't) and i love everything in fashion, so those
      two combined is an exciting thing!! My days revolve around fashion on styling myself for the day, and this
      blog is just something to share my inspirations with others. I would love to post some more posts of my own style,
      maybe a lot more soon...
      Thanks again.

      Paige. X


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