Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MB fashion week // day one

Lara Bingle - this is one of my favourite looks. That hair is amazing! And those metallic jeans!!! 

Right now i'm picturing myself, just getting off a plane from LAX, or maybe Heathrow, my bag carrier following on behind me, en route to MBFWA in Sydney. Jump in a cab, a quick touch up of the light curls and a touch of Victoria's Secret pink lipgloss, find my seat among designers, bloggers and celebrities, and i'm all set for the shows to start. 
But it seems there's only one thing standing in the way of myself and the glamour and lights of fashion week, and that's my doona. A doona that seems my best friend on this freezing country day in the bed which i've just woken up from some crazy, amazing dream. Oh, to be at fashion week right now! 
But that's one dream i'm determined to stay in touch with. Because where would any of us be without an initial dream, right? One day that will be me. Maybe after years of slogging it out backstage fetching coffee for the fortunate, but for right now i'm all about fashion dreaming and looking at the positives. And right now the positives of me not being at fashion week in Sydney are being warm and toasty by the fire, refreshing my twitter feed and bookmarked blog pages frequently to keep up to date. Pictures and commentary galore and suddenly it feels as though i'm sitting front row. 

DAY ONE; Some of my favourite pictures from backstage, the runway and on the streets. 

Paige X

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