Wednesday, 2 May 2012

that special something

Ever since i came across this amazing jewellery line, Sistaco, i have well and truly fallen in love with their pieces. With bold jewellery and statement neck pieces being so popular, these ones are to die for.
My favourite piece is definitely the purple and gold necklace with black beading, pictured at the top. I'm such a sucker for purple, anything purple grabs my eye, but this sure is something else. Since finding this little beauty, (the whole range in fact), it has been rocketed to the top of my wish list. And that's saying something, with the list consisting of many designer, out of my reach pieces. A little Chanel, some Top Shop booties that iv'e had my eye on for ages, the new Whitney Eve collection, a classic Tiffany necklace and perhaps some killer Louboutins. 

Each of these pieces could be that little extra special something you've been looking for. With a simple skirt, blouse or singlet, these pieces could become your new best friend. 

You can check out their range here ,
and their facebook page here.
(They have a huge range, earrings, necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, and the best thing is, they even do parties! Jewellery parties!!!!)

Paige X

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